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Executive Director                              Katherine Henriott-Jauw           








What follows is the initial outline of a non profit to be called ‘The Blue Bead’. This is a reference to blue Slave Beads found all over the world that, overnight, went from being symbols of oppression to symbols of beauty and freedom. It also symbolizes how indigenous cultures have used art in all of its forms in charitable furtherance of the community and beyond by representing the teaching, healing and blessings that are found universally and through all human history.



“She remembered way back when her children were just entering school age laying in her bed one morning and hearing those words. No loud booming voice from God. No angelic choirs or shining light. The sun did not break through the clouds, no angelic choirs sang. Just a firm voice that was not from within or from without. Simple. ‘Teach in her name. Heal in her name. Bless in her name.’
                          -Kate Henriott Jauw and Ted Jauw 

From their book ‘Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy’


1-  The Beginning
For decades, Kate Henriott and Ted Jauw had been creating art, telling stories and making events that called attention to a cause, an organization or even to an individual or family that needed help. They both were on a mission but did not know each other. They were each doing this on their own. That all changed when they met and realized that they both shared the same passions, the same values and the same need to teach people, help to heal themselves and others and to use their art and expression to bless others.

Since 2007, Kate Henriott and Ted Jauw have been creating art, events, traveling to gatherings, making music and sharing stories on social media to help Teach, Heal and Bless. No matter the medium, the focus of all of this has always been to ‘do good’ and make their communities and their world a better place. 

2-The Core Values

They soon realized that that ‘good’ was always exponentially better when they worked as a team and they soon married after and have been together and worked together ever since. And while their vast body of work since then encompasses the many beliefs and modes of expression that best fit their many values, it is the notion of ‘teach, heal, bless’ that is the substance or core of all of their personal and public values.

3-The Vision

They collaborated more and more for good causes whether it was at Kate’s ‘Terra Stella’ store or public projects like ‘The Red Thread Project’ to raise awareness for Cancer Research, where they collaborated on the ‘World’s Largest Hat Loom’ or Cirque A Circa where they created a mythical circus to draw attention to youth who were harming themselves and/or committing suicide. 

In 2013 their collaboration became full-time and coalesced in the form of ‘The Blue Bead Project’. A large installation at ArtPrize, the world’s largest art collection and contest. This set the template for all of their future works when art, storytelling, music and raising awareness about traditional and modern slavery came together and the ‘Blue Bead’ became the image of what it takes, what it costs and what it means to ‘Teach, Heal and Bless’.
This has become their identity and after more ‘projects’ telling the stories, hidden histories of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Yemaja, they have gone on to create installations that tell the stories of Tituba, Elijah McCoy, George McCoy, Papa Legba and many more ideas, icons and examples of what it is that each of these teaches us, heals within us and blesses us with their example and story. 

Whether they are teaching about slavery, rape, human trafficking, diversity, climate chnage, gender and sexual identity or food insecurity, their underlying message is always presented in ways that are engaging, new, different and provocative and always raise awareness, help create solutions and even raise funds. Teach. Heal. Bless

4-The Mission

That is our Mission. 

To use Art, Music and Storytelling in all of its many forms to Teach, to Heal and to Bless.

5-The Goal
This Mission is aimed at the long term goal of creating a self sustaining organization that teaches others how to do what we do, helps repair the harms of the past and present and allows many to work together to bless others with their own visions of what it means to ‘Teach, Heal and Bless’. It takes what they do as a couple and brings it to its next logical level which is to enlarge their personal goals to a larger and even more public one.

6-The Objectives

This vision, this mission, this goal has grown steadily as we have been operating under the terms of a 501(b) but interest is now so large and our dreams so ambitious that we have developed these short term objectives to help make this a more tangible, legal and sustainable outgrowth of what we do and who we are as a couple and now a ‘non-profit’.

1) Form a 501(c)3 that will be called ‘The Blue Bead’ to carry out our Mission Statement on a larger scale and a wider audience.
2) Become incorporated in the state of Michigan with an EIN that will allow us to collect donations, grants and other gifts that are aimed at our sustainability.
3) Co-ordinate and combine our collective social media outlets into one archivable and sustainable network that will be known as (teach), (heal) and (bless)


7 - The Larger Dream

While the overriding ‘Goal’ has always been simply to ‘Do Good’, our overarching goal is to do this in ways that redefines what ‘teaching, healing and blessing’ means. This includes the notion that we need to teach ourselves, heal ourselves and bless ourselves to make it possible to do more than what we can accomplish locally and to do what we do on a larger scale locally and globally. This also means that while we will always learn from those before us, we want to create new paradigms of storytelling, service, sustainability and scales of economy and outreach that are replicable by others.

8 - The Organization Plan

This is the nitty gritty. The  PTM. People, Time, Money equation. Who, When and What will it actually take to achieve our Mission, Goals and Objectives. Here you will find our Organizational Plan, Policy, By-Laws, Structure, Non-Profit status and other ‘organizational structures’. Our immediate organizational needs are these:

  1. In accordance with our goals and objectives, this will be organized under a Non-Profit 501(c)3 to be called ‘The Blue Bead’. Its focus will be charitable (education, healing and philanthropy). It will be headquartered at 717 Neland Ave, SE and be registered (EIN) in the State of Michigan as an LLC.

  2. This organization will be driven by a public organization, calendar, budget and transparent accountability on all levels. People, Time and Money is not just to make us successful and accountable but is an important step in how we can Teach others help us Heal and Bless the World by creating paradigm changing policies, processes and changing people’s perceptions about how education, service and philanthropy occurs.

  3. It will also have a main virtual address (website) that will be called ‘’ where all logistical, legal and archival Library documents will live alongside our more artistic and awareness raising endeavors. 

  4. It will have related sites on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all other relevant apps of Social Media that will act to build brand, outreach and an actual artistic medium that allows us to share on ever broadening and new levels. 

  5. It’s initial primary sustainability vehicle will be on “Patreon'' where people can donate monthly in exchange for all of the content and information and creativity of our organization that hopes to take teaching and healing and blessing to a wider and more focused audience. 

9 - The Review

There will be a constant ReVisioning process that we hope to do yearly, with more people and with more resources. This is the principle function of the Board and dovetails with its overall goals and yearly reporting functions to the state and federal government.


Proposal, Prospectus and Planning for Potential Directors