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The Blue Bead Community consists of a wide variety of artists, musicians, storytellers and more who all believe in art for a cause. In addition to their own careers, each of the following creators have offered their talents in support of the workings of The Blue Bead.


In addition, the many volunteers and believers, who join us on our adventures, make it possible to make a difference and to create positive change in the world. This is done both in person, volunteering at events and for builds, as well as online, through our Patreon Community. A place where we offer inside glimpses, information, art, even recipes, that you won't find anywhere else.

We hope you'll join as we discover even more ways to Teach, Heal and Bless.

Our Creatives

Our Angels

We at The Blue Bead are always both humbled and inspired by those who go above and beyond in their donations of time or resources. Here we acknowledge those who have given in extraordinary ways. We appreciate you!

Mike Hintz

Boyd Bradshaw

David Sterken

Delight Lester

Larry Gephart

Lorain Smalligan

Ted Bergin

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