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The Blue Bead is a 501c3 whose mission is to use art, storytelling, music and more to teach, to heal and to bless. For more than a decade our community has been using its creative talents to make a positive difference in this world. We believe that great change is possible and it is the dreamers, the artists and the storytellers who are the ones to make that happen.


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In 2006, Kate and Ted first collaborated on the creation of an eight foot wide ‘weaving loom’ to benefit ‘The Red Thread Project’ and ‘Gilda’s House’ both national movements that brought about awareness for cancer patients and survivors. At that time we realized awareness was brought about more easily if ‘art’ could capture the imagination. 

Weaving the world’s largest knitted cap was a way to unite those who wore one as allies to those who were losing their hair from chemotherapy. That one project drew attention, caused controversy, conversations and delight. It also attracted media attention, and brought together people who helped to weave the hat on that giant loom to tell their individual stories. The blessing was found not just in funds raised but it included what was being taught in human scale and the blessings went beyond that one cause. So many hats were made by people that it went on to bless the homeless, preemies in the ICU and raised money for the two causes that had united under this one giant knitted cap. In that year, that project and others like it caused the Michigan Retailers Association to give Kate the ‘Michigan Small Business Retailer of the Year Award’. The first of many accolades that convinced us that art was what we wanted to do and be. (see more)

In February, we will be joining in as speakers for Witchcon, a world-wide virtual event. We'll be covering such topics as the history and stories of Tituba and of St. Brigid, along with Black Swan Magic.  If you'd like to join us for the backstories and creative process, feel free to join us on our Patreon.

Welcome to Our House!  Our literal home base will be turned into a command center for all things Blue Bead as we continue to navigate the Covid pandemic/endemic. We will be blending our on-line and in person events to contiue to reach as many people as possible.  Look for continued writings, talks and even tea parties!


As much of what we do has so much background material, details, fascinating backstories and connections, we will continue to compile it all to create a community for people who want to know more, heal more and bless more. This will be available on the Patreon Platform.


All this, while we grow the organization in the most transparent, ethical, moral and artistically free model of a non-profit we can imagine. We hope you will join us.

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